Unlock the Hidden ‘Sex Scene’ in Pokemon X/Y With This Risqué Parody

Posted January 29, 2014 by jshea in Entertainment
sex scene

Just when you thought it was safe to go back onto the message boards, the Pokemon X & Y hype train continues to pull into the rumor station, as fans pour over every possible combination of events, actions, and breeding moves in order to uncover any missed secrets, items, cutscenes, or, maybe, just maybe, finally getting a chance to glimpse some pixelated boobs. Yeah, it may have been almost a decade since the original Pokemon game series, but we don’t doubt that this generation of Pikachu addled bordering on pubescence gamers are just as much obsessed with spreading rumors that you can have sex with Misty or whatever as they were back in the old days of “I swear, you can use Strength on that weird truck by the S.S. Anne!” People love gossiping about secret and horrifying truths in games, so it should come as no surprise that the old “secret sex scene” joke has continue unabated.

Only, we imagine, this isn’t quite the Pokemon porno you were hoping for– unless you really like fat chicks, to the point where you don’t even care if they’re actually some sort of narcoleptic monster.

This parody of Let’s Play tutorials comes to us by way of CollegeHumor, who decided to blow their animation budget for the week (as well as some perverted staffer’s load, we’re sure) on a Bidoof humping a Snorlax’s face. Good choice guys!

Be sure to check out our Pokemon X &Y parody video as well!

What classic Pokemon rumors did you remember hearing growing up?

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