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The Top 5 Best Video Game Creepypastas

Posted October 4, 2013 by jshea in Random
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Halloween is that time of year when all social conventions are thrown out the window in favor ofAnd for asocial nerds who only go out for conventions everywhere, Halloween is the one time of year when cosplay is an acceptable, even encouraged, public behavior. It’s the perfect time of the year to let your inner geek shine, to craft the perfect scare, and to maybe actually talk to members of the sex you find most attractive.

So what better way to celebrate Halloween then by staying up late into the night reading stories of haunted game cartridges, spooky glitches, and “hyperrealistic eyes” on top of bloody cartoon sprites? It’s not like you’re gonna be invited to any costume parties any time soon.

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Creepypastas, for those who don’t know, are horror stories written by folks on the Internet, occasionally revolving around demonic or paranormal versions of popular media (“lost episodes” of popular shows being a common theme), intended to be shared and circulated as “completely true” in order to scare others. These are some of the five best that deal with the concept of video games gone bad (and not in the funny sense– although we suppose Dontrel the Dolphin 2 is it’s own creepypasta).

#5 Haunted Elder Scrolls Mod (Jvk1166z.esp)

The popularity of Skyrim and Oblivion within the recent generation of gaming is not only a testament to the continued relevance of Bethesda’s particular brand of open world, morally ambidextrous action RPG making, but to the PC gamers’ love of ridiculous mods. While a majority of all game alterations ever made essentially amount to “now you can play as Sonic the Hedgehog” or “bigger boobs”, the modding community has been around almost since gaming’s inception, particularly having been attracted to Bethesda’s Elder Scroll series as a means of creating their own stories, challenges, and CGI fantasy themed pornography.

One mod, however, has supposedly haunted the community of anime-loving perverts. According to the creepypasta for the bafflingly named “Jvk1166z” file, this incredibly difficult and mysterious mod was created by an unknown user, and frequently banned from discussion or upload without any given reason. Alls that exists, supposedly, are a handful of screenshots that promise some terrifying truth being withheld from those who play it– according to the story, this truth is protected not only by the kind of gameplay that only early platformers would find “fun”, but by a malevolent and deadly spirit that comes to life and stalks those who obsessively play the game.

An (allegedly fake and broken) copy of the mod has floated around the Internet in the past few years, daring only the bravest to try and unlock its secrets.

Read it here or watch this informal video below.

#4 Fake Pokemon Games

Pokemon, a game series which already has it’s own innate disturbing qualities to it, has attracted numerous horror stories over the years. Part of this owes to the popularity of the games– almost everyone has played the series, grew up with them, or at the very least loves Pikachu. Another part of it owes to the shared childhood experience of Pokemon rumors– Japanese exclusive games, lost Pokemon that can be unlocked by moving a never-explained truck, the meaning of MissingNo., and how to see Misty’s boobs (noticing a theme of gamers and wanting digital breasts?). So it only makes sense that stories about bootlegs gone awry, lost entries in the series, or unusual effects from listening to the haunting Lavender Town Theme, would capture the imagination of so many players. Especially given that they oftentimes exploited elements of the series that already were haunting– as you may notice in the three linked, Unowns, Lavender Town, and the concept of death that both represent in the series are a frequent theme used.

You can watch an example of a fan-made romhack (similar to a mod) for one of the more popular creepypastas below.

#3 NES Godzilla

Some creepypasta writers go a bit further in their scope. The story of NES Godzilla is one that has a breadth previously unseen by works of the “creepypasta” genre– using a combination of the screenshot-heavy versions of “Let’s Play”, lots of Photoshop and sprite editing, and some creative license, Cosbydaf weaves a complicated story of love lost, love found, and a demonic red monster that kills people using an old cartridge for a subpar license game. It gets a little ridiculous at times, but the grotesque attention to detail in sprites, as well as the mixture of surrealist, unexplained imagery makes the entire story a good indulgence in chills for the sake of thrills. It also features this unforgettable moment:

Read it in it’s original context here, or in easier to read format here

#2 The Terrible Secret of Animal Crossing

Another singular example of unusual dedication, “The Terrible Secret of Animal Crossing” is a bit different in that it is entirely a Let’s Play with horror themes rather than an outright creepypasta about a video game that kills people. Using actual screenshots and dialogue from his copy of Animal Crossing, Chewbot constructs a new story out of the harmful kiddie game’s lackadaisical open world, one of small town secrets, horrible mutations, and a protagonist’s rapidly declining mental health. As the tale progresses, he increasingly switches over to his own drawings to support the narrative, which, hey, the game doesn’t exactly give him the option of screencapping a decaying Tom Nook. While not technically a creepypasta, “The Terrible Secret” predates many other entries in the “scary broken video game” genre of Internet writing, and has undoubtedly had a huge influence on them.

Unless you’re interested in listening only to terrible audio dramas of it, you may read the full Let’s Play horror here.

#1 Ben Drowned

You Shouldn’t Have Done That.

You may read the full creepypasta here, or watch one of the more popular videos from the series below.


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