‘Gay Best Friend’ the Movie!

Posted April 26, 2013 by jshea in Entertainment

GBF, or “gay best friend”, is a movie about, well, a gay best friend. About the gay best friend, to be exact, since the trailer seems to imply it’s about how one of the school’s closeted homosexual teens comes out in a way that ensures him popularity, fame, and a completely outfit change. Although we’re a little confused about when a vest and a bow-tie become a “gay best friend” ensemble, and not just the clothing choices of the sidekick character in a Disney Channel Original movie.

It’s like if they made a movie where Lindsay Lohan’s role in Mean Girls was taken by Damian, the “almost too gay to function” character. In fact, the trailer makes it feel like that’s exactly the kind of character they’re spoofing– the token gay male in a teen girl movie, who seems to exist in an ocean of heterosexuality and never once expresses any interest in having or finding a boyfriend, but is always there to offer some advice on the latest gay slang or make jokes about boys who are clearly bottoms.

Since the film is from the director of Jawbreaker, a classic dark comedy that focuses on accidental teen murders, we’re expecting this to be a lot less glorifying of the “gay best friend” role and a lot more of a savage deconstruction of the ways in which gay men are reduced to simple accessories and consumable objects, like a purse dog. There’s a line in the trailer that seems to suggest that– but we’re all too familiar with the ability for teenagers to miss the point of a movie. Remember the post-Mean Girls rise in burn books? We’re predicting a surge of fashionable Gay Straight Alliance memberships and closeted kids only coming out with designer bags.

Do you want a “gay best friend”? Have you ever been the “gay best friend”?

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