Neil Patrick Harris, Bollywood, & Puppets

Posted January 27, 2013 by jshea in Celebrity

Neil Patrick Harris has become a mascot for the Internet geek generation, fashioning himself an image of the suave, self-certain Guy-Next-Door out of what otherwise would’ve been a career as the only not-fucked up former child star. Consequently, he tends to have an endless amount of bizarre side projects and guest appearances. Usually involving puppets.

In the latest edition of Neil’s Puppet Dreams, the former teen surgeon collapses into a curry-induced narcoleptic episode, leading him to dream of bovine babes, felt-on-man sexual affairs, and full blown, uncensored musical numbers. It’s a delightfully Nicole Schwerzinger-less version of that weird pop song from the end of Slumdog Millionaire, with significantly more puppets. The Westernized representation of Bollywood may feature a few oddities– I’m not sure how often rap verse breakdowns appear in actual Hindi films– but it certainly strives to represent the costuming and narrative gist. Heck, even the narrow greenscreen silhouettes around everybody (the visible panty lines of low budget digital video) add to the overall effect. If you like Neil Patrick Harris, musicals, puppets, or implied farm animal cunnilingus, then this video is a cute way to kill a couple minutes.

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